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Thalassemia paragraph

  Samim Hossain       Thursday, 29 November 2018

Thalassemia paragraph

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Thalassaemia is an incurable disease. It is inherited by a child from its parents. A thalassaemia patient carries no external physical symptom (W) of the disease. The abnormality can be detected in the patient’s blood that contains abnormal haemoglobin, unable to perform its proper function. A dialassaemia patient needs blood transfusion every 25 to 30 days. Many suffering from the disease die at an 'early age. This is because blood transfusion at short intervals is costly and cannot be Q&bnded (mm m] 'm) by most people. ,To make sure that n'ew-bom children do not suffer from the disease, the blood of the couple desiring to marry should be (vetted. People belonging to villages need to be made aware of the causes of the disease. They must be told how a blood test of the would-be bride and groom ls essential before a wedding takes place. Radio, television and newspapers should conduct vigorous_campaigns among the masses to remove ignorance about the disease.

Thalassemia paragraph

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