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The Perfect Use of Collective Nouns

  Samim Hossain       Friday, 14 December 2018

The Perfect Use of Collective Nouns


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The Perfect Use of Collective Nouns It is sure you like to speak in English, write in English and even dream in English. But you probably do not know if you don’t grasp English grammar you are sure to flop. English grammar is such a thing that is not hard, very flexible and though often scary is of great interest if the simple rules are assimilated quite well. What you need first is not to continue reading the ‘heavy weight’ English grammar day and night. You only have to follow some simple rules with great care and you are sure to hit the bull.

The Perfect Use of Collective Nouns

I think you may have been aware of the use of noun. It is one of the parts of the parts of speech. Without the use of noun, we can not name our ideas and dear ones or anything under the sun.. Collective nouns of which I am going to offer you a bit idea are nouns and if they are not used properly with much care may be confusing. You have to take care if the verbs are singular or plural and the particular collocation to suit the nouns perfectly.

The Perfect Use of Collective Nouns

Actually collective nouns hint at the group of things or people such as team, family, army, committee, group etc. Actually collective nouns can easily be used as singular form or plural form. It is a bit confusing as it seems to you as singular but when you brood over the matter you find a collective form there.

The students even the grown ups make mistakes while using he words in collective forms. Whether it would be our family is going to Delhi next week or our family are going to Delhi next week. You may wonder to locate that some nouns known as proper nouns basically fall into the collective noun group. The BBC, Parliament, the Air Force are all members of collective nouns.

But you can not avoid the exceptions. If you dip delve into the American English you are sure to note that in the American English it is the plural form that is not in vogue. The singular number is the preferred choice. Again the singular verb is used where a, an and the are specifically used. It is also the general rule that in English some collective nouns are used in the plural mode. You may take the example of people and police. But if you take the words like public and press you are sure to note that they have singular verbs.

The thing that you must take care of is hat never use collective nouns with numbers. It is not properly used when you say-My four office staffs come to my residence to meet me. When the question of choice of the perfect collocation comes you may be amused. Take the example of- a swarm of flying bees, a host of gracious angels etc. There are so many words that are in somewhat peculiar when they are used.

The collocations are associated with collective nouns. When you are to mention a group of animals, plants, inanimate objects you are to use- a flock of flying birds, a pack of hungry  wolves or a shoal of fish, a bouquet of rose flowers, a bunch of roses, a set of old books and a group of joyous friends etc.

The Perfect Use of Collective Nouns

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