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Types and part of Sentences in English

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Types and part of Sentences in English

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Types and part of Sentences in English English grammar lessons play an important part in the study of English. He / She will be able to able to write and talk fluently in English language when a person acquires knowledge in grammar only. In this article, we will learn about the parts and types of sentences, which form the main part in the Basic English grammar.

Types and part of Sentences in English

A complete English Sentence:

A sentence is a group of words starting with a capital letter and ending with punctuations like exclamatory mark (!), question mark (?), full stop (.), etc… A sentence will be completed only when it has a subject, an object and a verb. Subject is nothing but the person or thing performing an action and the object is involved in an action and the object generally comes after the verb. For instance ‘the girl took the scale’, here the girl is the subject and scale is the object and took is the verb. If you wish to say more about the object or the subject you can add an adjective to the sentence. In the example given above you can say ‘the young girl took the long scale’. Here the words young and long are adjectives. You can use adverb in the sentence to say how the action took place. In the example given above, you can add the adverb quickly (i.e.) the girl took the scale quickly. You can make the sentence more interesting by giving more information to the reader.

Types of sentences:

A sentence may be a simple sentence, a compound sentence or a complex sentence:

Simple sentence:

A simple sentence will have a subject and a predicate. It will have only one independent main clause and will have only a single verb. Even, if you add adverbs, prepositions or an adjective to the simple sentence, it will not become a complex sentence. It will remain as simple sentence even if you add different nouns with conjunctions to the sentence.

Example: Mike plays

Compound sentence:

Compound sentence is nothing but a combination of two or more simple sentences. Here, the simple sentences are combined with the help of conjunctions like and, or, but. A compound sentence will contain two or more independent clauses.

Example: The moon is rising and the sun is just setting in the west.

Complex sentence:

Complex sentences will explain more than one idea or thing and it will have more than one verb. The complex sentence will be made up of one independent clause and one dependent clause. An independent clause can stand by itself, but a dependent clause cannot stand by itself, A dependent clause is also called as subordinate clause.

Example: My friend likes dogs that don’t bark. Types and part of Sentences in English

Parts of sentences:

A sentence will have the following parts:

Verb – refers to action
Noun – Names and things
Conjunction – connection words
Preposition – Relates one thing to another thing
Article – a, an and the
Proper noun – actual name of a place or a person
Interjection -  a word showing the feeling or emotion
Hope, now you would be aware of the parts and types of sentences and their usage in English. All the Best!

Types and part of Sentences in English

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